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2013 - 48 HOURS IN THE PARK -
MMRFEnduranceEvents's Eric Gelber album on Photobucket

During the week, Eric Gelber is just a regular hard working businessman, doting father, and loving husband. But come certain weekends, you’ll find Eric transform into an amazing ultra-marathon runner who will stop at nothing in his quest to raise funds to combat multiple myeloma, an as yet incurable blood cancer that took the life of his good friend Anita.

In 2011, Eric ran the Catskill 155, a 155-mile solo run through the Catskill Mountains and raised $32 thousand for the MMRF. Then, in 2012, Eric completed Badwater, a 135-mile run from Death Valley to Mt. Whitney in temperatures often reaching above 120 degrees and raised $45 thousand.

This year, from September 20-22, Eric will take on his boldest challenge yet: a 48 hour, 200-mile run, around Central Park in New York City. His goal is to raise $100 thousand for ground-breaking research that will bring new hope to myeloma patients. One loop of Central Park is just over six miles. Eric plans to complete that loop at least 33 times. What keeps him going? Knowing that each dollar raised will bring us closer to improved patient treatments and, ultimately, a cure.

Although progress has been made in treating multiple myeloma, the five-year relative survival rate remains one of the lowest of all cancers. The work of the MMRF has contributed to FDA approval of six new cancer drugs in less than a decade and doubled the life expectancy of myeloma patients – a track record that's unparalleled in the world of oncology.

The MMRF is the world’s leading private funder of myeloma research and one of the most highly regarded cancer foundations in the world. An outstanding 90% of the total MMRF budget goes directly towards cancer research and related programming, and they are consistently recognized in the top 1% of all charities reviewed by evaluators like Charity Navigator.

Eric welcomes other runners to join him for any part of this epic journey. Whether it’s for one loop of the park, or more, anyone who cares to, may run with Eric in Central Park to help conquer myeloma. If you'd like to sign up to run with Eric, please click here. Or, if you prefer, please consider making a donation to further Eric's fundraising efforts on behalf of the MMRF.

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Fundraising has ended.

Total donations: $127,500

Goal: $100,000

$0 128% $100,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Diane Seymour $100.00 "Bless you for all your kindness and drive. I appreciate all your efforts you put forth for us with MM."
Annette Healey $250.00 "Your commitment is so inspiring...."
Jeanne Benson $100.00 "Go, Eric, Go....Run...Run...Run! I wish you all the best on your "48 Hours in the Park" event. There are no words to truly express the profound meaning of what you are about to do; but, like the saying goes..."Actions speak louder than words!" My prayers are with you, Eric."
Janine Neal $100.00 "For Christopher Bro and everyone else who is battling or has lost their battle with this disease. We are all in this together."
Anthony Portera $100.00 "Best of luck!"
Victor Menkin Hidden "I'm so glad you've been able to navigate your way thru the city bureaucracy to set this up. You're the best. God bless. "
Greg Conen $100.00 "Good Luck Eric. I hope to join you for a loop...."
Zak Darwish $100.00 "what a great commitment for a worthy cause. Go Eric"
DAVID HOLLANDER $250.00 "What an inspiration!"
Julie McGlynn Hidden "Good luck!!! Pulling majorly for you and for a cure!"
Natalia Macias $100.00 "Go Eric!"
Brad siderow $100.00 "Good Luck!"
Alan Schmerzler $250.00 "Dude...you are outta your mind!! Who runs these distances?? It's a great cause - wishing you a great day!!"
Mark Medin $100.00 "I am confident that you will finish this challenge and complete this dream!!"
Stephen Siegel $2,500.00 "I applaud your dedication to this dause and good luck on your run. Stephen Siegel"
Ivelisse1 Carlo $100.00 "You are absolutely AMAZING! Thank you for what you've done and what you continue to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Tommy Schwarz $25.00 "Eric, continue your endeavor to raise money to find a cure to prevent future Anita's from suffering the same."
Glenn Shepard $100.00 "We love you Eric, run Eric run! Lynn & Glenn"
Sharon Spielman $50.00 "Incredible feats- Eric- Anita's struggle and determination will give you all the strength to help find the cure! She is there with you all the way thru each and every mile. Sharon"
Tom Drewes $100.00 "Good luck Eric!"
Patricia Kantor $100.00 "You are truly an inspiration! We'll be there to cheer you on."
Celeste Frenville $50.00 "Good Luck Eric!"
Ed Rudofsky $100.00 "In your honor ... and in memory of Anita ... and Ben ... and all those who have fought the battle against cancer and lost. "
scott salmirs $100.00 "Good Luck!"
Anonymous $1,000.00 "You are are such dedicated person in pursuit of a cure. You are a hero in my book and should be admired by all......"
Brian Robin $250.00 "Eric -- stay unstoppable!"
peter hamburger $100.00 "keep up the amazing job you're doing for the charity"
Kenji Ota $250.00 "You will have run further in 48 hours than I will have run in my lifetime!"
Gerry Prager $100.00 "Eric this is a great cause keep up the good work and Good luck on the run"
Elaine Tosko $100.00 "...always an inspiration, hugs and best wishes to you. elaine and dan"
Gail Kerin $100.00 "Best Of Luck! I am sure Don, Anita and Ben will be rooting for you. Love, Gail"
Donald Williams $500.00 "I am very proud of my children Michelle, Donald, Christopher and my son in law Brent for participating in this event in honor of my wife Barbara.The love and caring we have for each other cannot be expressed in words.I want to donate in my grandchildrens names Andrew, Bradley , and Caden ."
Jessica Mortimer $100.00 "This is such an amazing event Michelle and a wonderful thing to do for your mom. We'll be there to cheer you all on!"
Bruce Goda $183.47 "Captain Mellow (the dog) and I will join you late night and tell you bad jokes (I am funnier than he is). "
gregory tosko $1,000.00 "Amazing stuff for a great cause EG. Love Donna & Greg"
Elizabeth Lawler $10.00 "Good luck Eric! "
shawn rosenthal $250.00 "Great job for a great cause. I cant believe you are actually gonna run for 2 days straight!! Thats incredible. Best of luck. Shawn Rosenthal"
Arline Vogel $250.00 "Good luck achieving your impressive goal. It's nice to have you do it in NYC among your friends and supporters."
Jen and Rick Day $50.00 "Good luck Michelle! Wish I could be there to cheer you on!"
Jane Opfer $50.00 "We love you all and are praying for the whole family. You are all blessed with a wonderful Mom and Dad. We're so glad to be a small part of your family. God bless you all. "
Steve & Jessica Wilson $50.00 "An amazing run in honor of a woman I was blessed to meet in London! Here is praying for an amazing run, Michelle! I wish I could be there to run alongside you! Jessica, Lark, Kate & Steve Wilson"
Lucia Moritz $50.00 "Aunt Michelle! I love and support all you do! Your God daughter, Lucia"
Frank Prial $100.00 "Best of luck Eric for this very worthy cause."
Eric Haas $100.00 "You are awesome, Eric! Thanks so much for your commitment to fighting MM. "
nancy carlo $50.00 "Thank you. Keep up the great work!"
anthony scalia $20.00 "Amaris and Tony send their love and support.."
Grandpa Masucci $100.00 "All the best to mom!! Love, Grandpa"
Bob & Kim $100.00 "Good luck with the run and all the very best to Barbara!!"
keith manson $100.00 "Eric, My Mom has multiple myeloma and has been fighting for 11 years. Fortunately, she is doing well.I appreciate what your doing and support your efforts. Best of luck! -Keith"
Shelley Wilson $50.00 "Thank you, Eric. My dad has been batlting this for 7 years and thankfully he's doing well. Have a great run and good luck!"
elliott ingerman $100.00 "Eric you are a madman. good luck and keep it going."
Margarite Tamburino $100.00 "Wishing you the ability to strive on untirelessly...good luck! MT"
Pattie Hoffman $100.00 "You're an amazing inspiration Eric! Go, go, go!"
David Carey $100.00 "Fantastic cause and an amazing way to raise money. Good luck!!"
Marie Terzuoli $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Debra Fisher $250.00 "I admire your dedication and passion in pursuit of finding a cure, Eric. You're amazing! Best of luck in GGP and with future challenges."
John Parker $25.00 "Eric - my father is in the midst of battling MM, and our family thanks you for raising awareness to this disease. As a CBRE colleague (Greenville, SC) we are all pulling for you on your run!"
Sabrina Mangels Hidden "Eric, I work for CBRE in Denver. My father & grandfather died from this disease. Thank you for raising money to fund research."
Anonymous $100.00 "Eric, You do not know me but I am friends with Scott Sloves and a past member of the MMRF endurance team. I admire your effort. Good luck! Regards, Jeff Moroch"
Tani & Eric Gelber $100.00 "So glad you are joining us out there. This is for your Mom and so many others. Eric and Tani. "
Julie Horwitz $50.00 "Amazing, just amazing!!!"
Joshua Roberts $100.00 "Thank you for your extraordinary efforts."
Jordan and Laura Russin $250.00 "Go get em Eric...you're a great friend and an inspiration. Keep kicking ass!"
Ron Leik $100.00 "Good job Eric"
Ian Dupock $100.00 "Best of luck"
michael kadosh $100.00 "Good luck Eric! "
Larry Genet $250.00 "In memory of my father Michael Genet who passed from Multiple Myeloma in Sept 2007. Eric, you are doing a great mitzvah and I’m honored to be a part of this important foundation and fundraiser. "
Bernard and Mary Ann Holand $100.00 "Hi Eric. When my son Sean (Moran) told us about you the last time you held an event I was truly amazed at your heart and dedication in memory of your dear friend. God Bless you this next weekend and always! Mary Ann & Bernie Holand"
Robert Bonicoro $100.00 "You are an inspiration, be careful out there!"
Ariel Rothstein $50.00 "Gooooo Eric gooooo!! You are so inspiring and we're behind you 100%. We'll be out there cheering this weekend! - Ariel & Darrell "
Ann Marie Evanko $250.00 "You are amazing Eric!"
Carolyn Bodner $1,000.00 "Hey Eric: Amazing tribute I lost my sister to the MM as well I support all efforts in finding a cure "
Lindsay Goldman $100.00 "GO ERIC!"
Elissa & Jason Novick $100.00 "Best of luck, Eric. This is an amazing feat-- 33 times around the big Central Park loop is incredible! Hope you reach your goal for the cause!"
Eric Turkewitz $100.00 "Good luck....especially on the back 100."
Matthew Cunningham $100.00 "Best of luck with your run!"
Eileen Larsson $50.00 "Good luck!!"
David Perlmutter $100.00 "Good luck!"
Brian Brennan $25.00 "You are incredible. Best of luck!"
Jeremy Boyd $25.00 "Good luck Eric! Sometimes when you meet people they make an unforgettable impression, you are one of those for me. Stay strong and thanks for the inspiration. You quite possibly have inspired me to take on a challenge I have thought of for 2 years. "
Mark Ludl $120.00 "Keep on inspiring!"
david lapierre $400.00 "Just amazing. Truly inspiring. "
Sandy Baelis $100.00 "Go Eric Go!!!! Love, Quinn and Mia"
Jason Graves $100.00 "Good luck on the run! You are going to do great! Congratulations on all that you have already accomplished for the MMRF! "
Marie Frenkel $100.00 "Thank you for running for multiple myeloma - I lost my dad too soon from this disease - let's help find a cure!"
Kenneth Lippman $250.00 "I believe in you no matter what! You are beyond inspiring! Here is to finding a cure!!!"
Matt & Lisa Krueger $50.00 "Good luck Eric! We'll be cheering you on from NJ!"
Robert McGrath $100.00 "Eric, As a colleague, an athlete and a person you inspire. All the best this weekend. Bob"
Laura Skarne $50.00 "Go Eric!! Sending you lots of energy!!"
Anonymous $5.00 "You are so inspiring. I'm sorry I can't donate more than what I've got."
Terese and Ed Cannon $250.00 "Your commitment is so inspiring! Good luck!"
Lesley Berkowitz $50.00 "Wow, amazing. Good Luck!"
Tara McCabe Hidden "An honor to run your 3rd loop with you! GO ERIC!!!"
Scott Sloves $250.00 "What an inspiration. Honored to run a loop with you. Good Luck!!!"
Robin Oliver Lovin $50.00 "Keep strong!"
Pamela Schilz $25.00 "Eric, Every day I'm so thankful to know you. You inspire me to be a better person. Because of you I know there are truly beautiful people in the world Thank you and Tani for all you do for those of us living with MM. "
Jon Odgers Hidden "Eric, you are an inspiration to runners, supporters and people living with MM. Run strong."
Adam Flisser Hidden "Go Eric!"
Christine & Peter Williams $50.00 "Thank you so much for being such a boost to this family! We are all so grateful!! "
RICHARD CRUZ $25.00 "Eric, when I grow up, I want to be a BadAss just like you! Thank you for your selfless efforts to help eliminate the "C" word!"
Mary Wittenberg $250.00 "Eric - you are looking so strong at 26+hours and almost 120 miles!! We are all cheering for you and inspired to help MMRF! Wishing you Wind at your back, cloud cover, no rain & continued lots of company! Love your heart & commitment, mary "
Jenah Yeung $100.00 "In Memory of Tommy Yeung"
Steven Tursi $50.00 "Have fun out there!"
Eliot Mizrachi $251.00 "Way to channel your insanity toward such a good cause. We are so proud of you! Go Eric!!"
John Mcloughlin $100.00 "Atta girl Carmen"
Alissa Bell $100.00 "One foot in front of the other! Keep movin' -- you are such an inspiration!"
The Hendrawan Family $50.00 "Go Eric, go! We are in awe of your accomplishments and hope you reach your goal! Good luck as you and your crew finish the last hours of your run! "
Mando & Tia Pina $100.00 "You are seriously such an inspiration!!! This is what the world needs more of, Eric Gelber & Crew! I am blown away! Way to Go Eric! You can do it!! "
Diane Thompson Cortese $25.00 "Eric, what an amazingly big heart you have -- you are truly an inspiration! We are cheering you on from Florida and sending lots of positive vibes and love to you, Tani and your beautiful family. "
Michele Squibb $20.00 "My husband was diagnosed in January. After 4 treatments in June/July, he wound up in the hospital twice. Chemo has been postponed now due to neuropathy of his hands and legs. Thank you for bringing attention to this type of cancer because we never heard of it before his diagnosis."
Jenny Pettit $100.00 "Go Eric! This donation is made in memory of my dad, whose 60th birthday would have been September 23rd. I know he is cheering you from above in all that you do to accelerate a cure! "
Jessica Manfro $25.00 "So proud and inspired by you!!!! You can do it!"
Anonymous $10.00 "Eric, thank you for your dedication & bringing so much attention to Multiple Myeloma. My dad was diagnosed years ago, so this really touches my heart! I'll be joining you from TX by running on our beach tomorrow morning! :) Blessings sent your way!"
Mary Elberson $50.00 "You are truly an inspiring person! I am so glad that you were able to meet my friend Bill McHugh and to run with him. Both you and he are alike in spirit as well as laser focus on a cure for MM. Stay strong! Love and Prayers The Hawkes Family"
Jessica Endlich $35.00 "Just passed you about an hour ago in the park. Great work, Eric! Keep it up!"
Jeff & Nicole Gelbsman $500.00 "We were so happy to run and share in your amazing and selfless acomplishment. "
bill mchugh $100.00 "I'll see you in the morning! we will not "TRY" we will DO! we WILL reach your goal!"
Katie Favilla $50.00 "Thank you, Eric, for running for people like my father who are affected with this disease. My husband and I will run a few miles out here in Seattle for you! Run, Eric, Run!!! "
Lisa Sawula $100.00 "Good Luck Eric....."
BLANCA NIETO $100.00 "You are a true hero!"
Rand and Lynne Eyberg $250.00 "Keep going! You are doing amazing! Sorry we can't run a leg with you but we are cheering you on from Vermont!!!! MMRF: Pepsi will match this donation"
Kent Mears $50.00 "Thanks for all of your efforts towards such a good cause!"
Arlene Simpson $25.00 "Keep hope alive and God Bless you, Eric and all those affected by MM. We honor you all....Most especially my mother who passed from MM this past March 2013. You are an inspiration!"
Maura Smith $100.00 "In awe of Eric Gelber, in honor of Betsy Parker, and in memory of Phil Meiman."
Lynn Leopold $50.00 "My sister died from MMR three years ago..... thank you for running"
Thomas Tosko $50.00 "Go Erik for a great cause"
Patty Blanchette-Baker $50.00 "Well done! Such stamina and determination for a good cause...You should be very proud! Patty"
Wanda Primm $250.00 "Please, I beg you, run MMRF into the ground!"
James Armata $50.00 "It was great running with you and sharing "To catch a lawnmower thief" along with other fun and inspirational stories. Thank you for doing this Eric, it is so wonderful to make such an enormous sacrifice."
Travis Yuengst Hidden "Congrats on finishing 48 hours in the Park! Such an amazing personal accomplishment for an amazing public cause. "
Cecilia Nolasco Hidden "Gracias!!!!!"
Jacqueline Hartley $100.00 "Awestruck! Congratulations to Eric and your wonderful team!!"
Cally Schwartz $100.00 "If only people knew you started running in the first grade. Proud to know you, congratulations. "
Vashti Beretey $100.00 "Thank You"
Jason Diperstein $25.00 "I don't even like driving 200 miles. "
lori messina $100.00 "So very proud of you Carmen.... Never change my friend..."
Sue & Steve Cohen $250.00 "Truly amazing - Your selfless dedication to making this world a better place is an inspiration to all."
Glenn Motelson $50.00 "Congratulations Eric--great job!"
Hugh Weir $50.00 "I wish I had known about this last week-end, I would have run a couple of loops of the park with you. "
William McCoy $100.00 "Of course, it's never too late to give to a good cause. Congratulations on your efforts!"
Rob Delong $100.00 "Congrats ! Amazing accomplishment !"
Will Cooper $100.00 "Great Job Eric. "
Armando Ferreira $100.00 "We live in Chappaqua and my wife had Multiple Myeloma. We read about you in the Journal News and wanted to support you on all of your hard work. "
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