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Diffusing World Tensions Through Sport

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Project Active is a San Diego based non-profit initiative dedicated to the diffusion of world tension through sports equipment, education, mentoring and encouragement. Many parts of the world continue to be plagued by political turmoil and economic obstacles. Our mission provides opportunities for personal growth to individuals in areas of war and destruction.

Our organization creates positive change in a world of conflict and inequality. Project Active is a powerful vehicle for peace; we feed the hunger for social change and promote teamwork among youth living in hostile environments. By implementing a constructive outlet, Project Active aims to rebuild shattered confidence and shift the focus from death and destruction to opportunity and camaraderie.

The global response to Project Active has been phenomenal. Shipments have gone to various locations in Iraq, Haiti, Afghanistan and Africa. Our goal is to penetrate and positively influence every war threatened location in the world. Project Active will provide intellectual and financial aid in the distribution of sports equipment, the establishment of youth running programs, the construction of soccer fields and basketball courts, the organization of club biking activities and an introduction to participatory sports such as triathlon, around the globe.

As a center of worldwide relief, the UN catapults global programs aimed at solving human issues. Project Active dually serves as a catalyst for increasing quality of life and sparking a momentum for positive change that ultimately affects millions.

Be the difference. Support the cause and join our global mission by donating today. Your contribution is tax deductible. Thank you for your commitment to Project Active!

Warmest Regards,

Annie Ulatoski Director
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